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Gutter Cleaning

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(First come, first serve.)

We're focused on cleanup right from the start.


We don't use a blower or a pressure washer, but rather we gather all debris from your gutters by hand. This method yields superior results and allows us to reduce cleanup time dramatically. We charge a fixed amount for gutter cleaning, based on the size of the home.

We clean the downspouts unless they are part of a closed system (i.e. riveted together) that goes into underground drains. 

Here's that price breakdown: $5/100 ft² plus $50/story (additional charges apply if we need to build an anchor system.) We use King County records to find square footage.

For excessive debris (over-filled gutters) or if gutter access is impeded (shingles cover much of the gutter) we add $3/100  ft²  of the home.


So an average 2500ft²  two story house is $175!


If you feel your home is unique or if you would like us to come take a look, feel free to give us a call!

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